Crockd - Paint n' Pot - Fruit Edition

Pimp your plant game with Crockd's brand new 'Paint n Pot Kit' - Fruit Edition. 

Give your hard-working plants a decent home - and make it yourself! They do all the work daily growing (or not?), the least you could do is paint them a home!

The 'plant edition' is everything you ever wanted from your insta plant game - with less plant death.... thank us later.

What's included?

10 x Paint Tubes, specifically designed for Crockd products

1 x Sealant Tube to make sure everything looks neat + waterproof, long term.

2 x Super high quality, nylon paint brushes

2 x 100% Eco-Friendly Recycled Planter Pots

2 x Designs to choose from + a booklet with step-by-step instructions

Beautifully designed, eco-friendly Crockd Box - Perfect for Gifting