Rockit MK2 Rechargeable || Baby Stroller Rocker

The Rockit MK2 Rechargeable Baby Rocker is designed to keep rocking baby in their pram or stroller when you stop moving, so they can keep snoozing, by simulating gentle hand rocking of a stroller.

Now available in a USB rechargeable version, the Rockit can be attached to any pram or stroller with the universal rotating bracket, push the button and adjust the speed to gently rock baby. Rockit’s soothing rocking motion keeps baby asleep and on the move, even when you’re not.

The Rockit gives you both hands back and some extra time to unpack the groceries, play with your other child, read a book or enjoy your lunch or a cup of coffee, while it’s still hot!

  • New - USB rechargeable version
  • Rocks any pram or stroller
  • Portable design, so it can be used anywhere
  • Simulates gentle hand rocking of a stroller
  • Gentle 60 minute rocking cycle
  • Safe to use from birth onwards
  • Includes a new rotating bracket, so the Rockit always points up
  • Quiet motor with adjustable speedShowerproof, use inside or out
  • 12-month warranty