Universal Pacifier Holder Case - Cloud || BUGGALUGS

  • $24.99

What starts with a crying baby, you ummm and ahhh about reaching for a dummy until you finally do and alas 'peace and quiet'.... We aren't going to lie, a dummy was our saving grace as parents, offering some moments of sweet serenity, until we uncovered a problem. Where do you hygienically store your dummy? We have created a universal pacifier case with all the elements considered; eco-friendly, sustainable, non toxic and designed with the finer details in mind. 

    Made from plant-based materials, PLA is made out of agricultural products such as starch, potato or cane sugar, so it makes a better alternative to the traditional plastics coming from petrochemicals. Being made with the safest eco, sustainable & non toxic materials for the most precious bubs in mind and of course out planet.