About Us

Nextra Gifts Mt Pleasant is the home of décor addicts.
We’ve been running our brick and mortar store in Mt Pleasant since 1997, so we feel pretty confident saying we know what makes a stunning and memorable gift. Whether you’re buying something for a friend or treating yourself (because you deserve it, obviously), we are specialists in helping you find the perfect item for your home, wardrobe or jewellery collection.

And now that you’ve found us, we can’t wait to help you find something beautiful, whether that be in-store or online. Our friendly and always-smiling (and always up for a chat) founder and owner Gill is at the ready to help with whatever you need. She knows a thing or two about what makes an amazing gift (everything you see in-store or online is hand-picked by her and is something she would personally love to have in her own home!)

So, what are you waiting? Come see us at our Mt Pleasant boutique or  browse through our exquisite online boutique store today.