Big Green Egg Feasts || TIM HAYWARD

  • $60.00

One of the defining characteristics of the Big Green Egg is its tendency to form a physical centre to a social gathering. Just setting it up puts you halfway to a feast. Our fantastic new cookbook, created by the award-winning writer Tim Hayward, finishes the job. Thanks to Tim’s extensive knowledge and restless creativity, Big Green Egg Feasts is packed with expansive, inventive multi-dish meals inspired by feasting cultures from around the world, all of which encourage the very best sort of communal eating.

As well as emphasising its social function, these feasts take advantage of the unique versatility of the EGG: its ability to accommodate multiple cooking modes, including several at once. Designed for groups of all sizes, these brilliant recipes – beautifully photographed by Sam Folan – will help you master numerous cooking techniques and significantly extend your alfresco repertoire.