Face Ritual Set

What is it?

The Facial Ritual Set contains all three of our anti-aging sheet masks (Hydrating, Brightening & Firming) and a rose quartz gua sha massage tool to help lift and sculpt your skin, release tension and improve circulation. Enclosed in a beautiful box, this curated set makes the perfect gift (or gift it to yourself, we won’t judge).

What’s in the set?

1 x BRIGHTENING & ANTI-AGING SHEET MASK | This Sheet Mask contains niacinamide to boost brightness & target pigmentation, leaving skin glowing, even & radiant.

1 x HYDRATING & ANTI-AGING SHEET MASK | This Sheet Mask is formulated with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera & ceramide which work together to replenish moisture, leaving skin dewy, soothed & plumped.

1 x FIRMING & ANTI-AGING SHEET MASK | Collagen peptides partnered with coenzyme Q1 & anti-aging peptides renew the skin & promote elasticity leaving the skin firm, smooth & lifted.

1 x ROSE QUARTZ GUA SHA MASSAGE TOOL & PROTECTIVE POUCH | After removing your sheet mask, use the Gua Sha to lift & sculpt your skin. Release tension, increase circulation & maximise the penetration of serum to leave skin firm, dewy & glowing.


PREPARE - Cleanse & tone face. 
APPLY - Gently unfold the mask, remove the protective backing, smooth the sheet mask onto your face. 
WEAR - Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
REMOVE - Remove the mask & massage remaining serum into face & neck, follow with moisturiser. 


After removing your sheet mask, use the Gua Sha to lift & sculpt your skin. The Gua Sha helps release tension, increases circulation & encourages the mask serum to fully penetrate the skin, leaving it firm, dewy & glowing. 

Working in an upward & outward direction, gently apply pressure & glide the curved side of the Gua Sha across your face. Create your own Facial Ritual, and work upwards from the neck, from the centre of the chin outwards across the jawline, from the nose across the cheeks, and from the brows across the forehead to the hairline.