Summer Fruit Plate || SAGE & COOPER

  • $32.99

Introducing the Summer Fruit Plate Collection: a delightful ensemble of vibrant and refreshing plate designs that bring the essence of summer to your table. This collection showcases three distinct plate designs: the Leafy Orange plate, the Green Papaya plate, and the Pink Flower plate. Each plate is a work of art, lovingly hand-painted by the talented graphic designer, digital creator and editor from Perth, Western Australia, 'ByPoppy', as part of an exclusive collaboration with Sage and Cooper.

Each plate in the Summer Fruit Collection is made from high-quality chubby ceramic, ensuring durability and longevity. The designs by 'ByPoppy' add an element of artistic flair to every piece, making them true conversation starters.

To enhance the gifting experience, each plate comes beautifully packaged in a specially designed gift box. The box features a protective foam interior to ensure that your plates arrive in pristine condition, ready to be cherished or presented as a thoughtful gift to someone special.